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factory / home use tomato drying machinery

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name LD
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number 1 Piece factory / home use tomato drying machinery
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 5 worldLDs
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 49

Product Features

Clean stainless steel tomato drying machinery

vegetable/fruit/meat/tomato drying machinery

factory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machinery

What is The Advantages of tomato drying machinery?

1.Low Enerable consumption:

Cost of various Enerable sources Heat
heat Enerable
Amount of Enerable consumed
Electric dryer 00 Kcal 95% 817 K cal/kw.h 150 kw.h
Coal dryer 25% 1750K cal/kg 49 kg
Fuel dryer 80% 8240K cal/kg 0.4 kg
Heat pump dryer 30% 2580 K cal/kw.h 33 kw.h

2.Less environmental pollution:

Reduction of carbon dioxide and other pollutants emissions.

3.Good drying effect

Which other material can be dryed in tomato drying machinery?

Food;fruit;vegetable;meat;tobacco;fish;charcoal etc.

What is Characteristic of tomato drying machinery?

1.Easy to install and remove, covers small area .

2.Small pollution, no burning, emissions. Belong to environmental protection products.

3.Safe and reliable operation:There is no traditional dryer may exist flammable,explosive,short

circuit and other dangerous.

4.Long service life,low maintenance cost,developed in the traditional air conditioning Technology.

5.Convenient to operation,automatic paint control.

What's the worldprinciple of tomato drying machinery?

factory / home use tomato drying machineryfactory / home use tomato drying machinery

What's Main parameters of tomato drying machinery?

VoLDage/ Frequency V 380/400/415/440 380/400/415/440 380/400/415/440 380/400/415/440
Power KW 2.8 5.2 9.3 11.2
Electric Current A 5.5 10.8 18.5 22.5
Heat production KW 10.5 21 35 42
Cooling Capacity KW 7.8 18 25 32
dehydration L/H 12 25 42 50
Max power KW 3.5 6.6 11.2 13.1
Max Electric Current A 7.1 13.1 22.5 26.5
Max temperature °C 75 75 75 75
Temperature range °C 0-43 0-43 0-43 0-43
Anti-electric shock Rate Grade 1grade 1grade 1grade 1grade
Max exhaust pressure Mpa ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤3.0
Noise DB(A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤75
Weight KG 180 285 380 500
Size mm 1675*0*1280 1760*1060*1280 2120*1356*0 2120*1356*0

How to choose suitable tomato drying machinery?

Recommend Dryer + Drying Chamber Sizes
Item Description Product Capacity Drying Chamber size
1 One unit HGF03RD dryer + drying chamber 300Kg / batch 3300*1900*2200mm
2 One unit HGF06RD dryer + drying chamber 600Kg / batch 6000*2800*2200mm
3 One unit HGF10RD dryer + drying chamber 1000Kg / batch 6000*3000*2200mm
4 Two units HGF03RD dryers + drying chamber 1200Kg / batch 7000*2200*2200mm
5 Two units HGF06RD dryers + drying chamber 1500Kg / batch 10000*2800*2200mm
6 Two units HGF10RD dryers + drying chamber 2500Kg / batch 10000*3000*2200mm

LD Service of tomato drying machinery

A. Technical service--

1. We caltulate the Capacity and recommend the best models.
2. We supply you the professional refrigeration technical support and electronic technical
support for your installation, debugging and operation.

3. We supply the LDare parts and technical support for the whole using life.

4. We supply the training supoort to your LD at our factory if you need.

B. After-sales service--

1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
2. 24 Months warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty.

3. LDare parts and technical support at most economic prices after the warranty.

Contact Information of tomato drying machinery

We can desity machinerys according to customers' need.If you want to learn more information,please contact us any time.

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