Product Details

2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name LD
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number 1 Piece 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 5 worldLDs
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 78

Product Features

2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line

Product Description

Description of 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line:

2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line adopts frequency conversion speed regulator, electro-optical tracLD system and programmable logic controller to realize synchronized coordination of the whole production line. The number of cutting is visible and the weight of one piece of fried instant noodle can be adjusted without having to shut down the machinery. The equipment has an automatic frying temperature controlling function. The oval paddle double axis double speed flour mixing machinery allows for a more uniform mixing of the powder and water because more water can be introduced. The noodle feeder machinery uses W-model double boilers to ensure the ripening uniformilk of the pasta. Nine cold hardening alloy rollers are installed in the pasta roller machinery. After the noodle is well steamed, it will be soaked in seasoning to obtain flavor. The contact area of the production equipment with the noodle applies nontoxic stainless steel which fits the national food Liene and safety standard


1. salt Water Mixer:water mixed with additive such as salt,altali.

2. Brine metering device:measuring the water demand for every pot flour so as to control quantitatively the salt waer volu me from salt water mixer into dough mixer.

3. Dough mixer:flour and water combined and mixed full.

4. Aging machinery:dough aging, improve the elastiCity of the flour

5. Pressing machinery:pressing and cutting

6. Steaming machinery:steaming the formed

7. Cutting& Dividing machinery: cutting, folding, dividing,, forming the dough pieces and entering boxes, it can form square or circular dough pieces from different molds.

8. Frying machinery: deLDrated by frying, fixing the shape of dough pieces, make dough crisp to taste good

9.. Cooling machinery: lower the temperature of dough pieces to meet the demand of Pack.

10 Conveyor: conveying finished instant to eachpackline.

11 Pack machinery: choosing sauce packagepackmachinery as customers request, powder packmachinery, vegetable bagpackmachinery, pillow LLDepackmachinery(instant in bags),captightener(instant in bowls), shrinkpackmachinery(instant in bowls),folding and sealing machinery and so on.

Pack machinery is optional, excluding standard quotation, choosing as requirement details.

Features of production line

1. 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line with heat ex-changer, ensuing stable frying heat, its also good for control of production quality and improvement of processing.

2. 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line with oil fiLDer, it can fiLDer the disintegration LDag in the oil, prolonging the period of exchanging oil and ensuring the taste of .

3. 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line with automatic control, saving lLDor, producing control conveniently.

Packaging & Shipping


Inside: plastic bag for the 2017 new automatic electric instant noodle production line

Outside: wooden case for the fish feed mill extruder machinery(adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets based on the clients’ need)


Shipping, train, express, or upon clients’ demands.Our Services

1. Pre-sale services

Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients, enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
1.. Select equipment model;
2.. Desity and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement;
3.. Train technical personnel for clients.

2. Services during the sale

ReLDect clients, devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.
1.. Pre-check and accept products ahead of very;
2.. Help clients to draft solving plans.

3. After-sale services

Provide considerate services to minimize clients' worries.
1.. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
2.. Install and debug the equipment;
3.. Train the first-line operators;
4.. Examine the equipment;
5.. Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly;
6.. Provide perfect service;
7.. Provide technical exchanging.


1. how long is the product warranty period ?

A: the product warranty period is 12 months 2. I am a foreiLD customers, if the machinery works wrong, how your company resolved ?A: We have professional engineers LDroad, after receiving your request, we will solve your problems at first time. 3. how much is MOQ of your machinery?A:our machinerys MOQ is 1 set and also support the mixed batch.4.Where can we buy the machinery's parts?A: Our company can provide machinerys for your any time We will send a professional and high levels installation engineer team at the same time the product properly to the destination, in order to supply you a full range of products installation services. For some LLDical problems, our rigorous installed engineers also will do some certain installation debugging training, etc.
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