Product Details

New Condition high quality Mosquito-repellent incense microwave drying machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Certification ISO 9001, CE Certificate
Model Number New Condition high quality Mosquito-repellent incense microwave drying machine
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set
Price US $10,000 - 20,000/ Set
Packaging Details Standard Export Woodencase Suitable for Ocean Carriage
Delivery Time Within 15 or 45 working days after receiveing the deposit
Payment Terms 30% as deposit in advance,70% should be paid before shipment.
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

New Condition high quality Mosquito-repellent incense microwave drying machine

Product Description

Mosquito-repellent incense production line from raw material processing, ingredients metering, mixing, pressing and forming, drying process, adopts the mechanized enterprises and advanced technology and process.

Especially in the drying process, after using the mosquito-repellent incense microwave drying machine, its craft is reasonable, heat evenly, advanced detection means, the parameters of controlled adjustable, high degree of automation, after drying the mosquito-repellent incense to preserve the original effectiveness and color, and not buckling deformation, high strength not easily broken.So the mosquito-repellent incense product quality not only greatly improved, but also has a larger breakthrough, so as to solve the in domestic mosquito-repellent incense now dry enterprises haven't solve the problem.

Mosquito-repellent incense use microwave drying equipment is relatively reliable, easy to operate, is now in the domestic leading level, has reached the international level, but the price is much lower than similar foreign equipment.It is compared with the similar equipment in Japan, not only on the quality of the same class, but on the production, if is the same, its yield is much higher than Japan.

This production line according to the production is divided into series of products, the new factory can adopt a full range of equipment, the existing mosquito plant can only change part of the process, also can only to the modification of drying equipment, at the same time can also be designed according to user's requirement.

Technical Parameter:

Conventional model parameters

Sample show:

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After Sale Service:

a. We can provide factory layout according to customer’s factory size in advance.

b. When we received your deposit of this order, we will ask our engineers to prepare to apply the visa, when the equipment arrived your country, and we will send two engineers to go and help you to install the line, teach your worker(3-4 workers) how to operate the line, until your worker know the line well. c. Our engineers has responsibility to teach your worker how to clean the extruder, how to change the screw, how to change barrel etc. and we have responsibility to provide technology support with you forever.

d. Our engineers can provide basic formula and help customer to produce good quality food according customer’s detailed formula.

e.The spare parts We provide will at preferential price for an extended long time.

Company Introduction:

Shandong Dongxuya Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd is a company specialized in producing twin-screw food extruder, single screw extruder, microwave roasting and sterilization equipments, etc. While based upon domestic market, the company opens and exploits market abroad positively. Until now, our products have been exported many counties and regions, including Russia, Europe, Africa, Korea, Indonesia, UZ (Uzbekistan) and the market share increases gradually year by year. Dongxuya will continue to be aggressive, creative and make a contribution to our country’s food industry development with peers home and abroad.

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