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twin screw corn chips equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name LD
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number 1 Piece twin screw corn chips equipment
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Month corn chips equipment

Product Features

Product Description

twin screw corn chips equipment

1.Description of corn chips equipment:

Our extrusion and corn chips equipment s can produce various uncoated, coated or filled cereal based snacks – with a wide Variety of recipes and shapes.

corn chips equipment adopt twin-screw extrusion Technology and are highly flexible. They can be easily modified to process new products such as filled products, corn chips snacks or bread crumb snacks, with just easily adding some auxiliary equipment.

2.The advantage of corn chips equipment:

1) Productive and could be controlled producing: the corn chips equipment is continuous and automated processing which is also could be easy cleaning and maintenance; it could be fast automated modified , the function of recording and management of settings and recipes,the changes of dies are easy and quick,

2) Flexible of corn chips equipment :

@ corn chips equipment can use various kinds of raw materials

Using a wide range of ingredients (flour or meal using refined or whole cereals, exotic raw materials such as root vegetables, classical cereals, etc.) and process flexibility to enable changes in product features (particle size, moisture or variable fat content)
@ A large range of sizes, shapes and fillings (with optional co-extrusion equipment)
@ Simple adding auxiliary equipment to extend the range of your products: various shapes,co-extruded snacks, bread crumb, grain chips, etc.

3)Cost-effective of corn chips equipment:

①The corn chips equipment usually in High Temperature Short Time situation when producing,so it intensified tranLDormation process generating savings in raw materials, water and Enerable;
②The corn chips equipment is very Lienic and easy maintenance;
③The desity of $key$ is compact which could help you reduced floor LDace.
④Advanced automation desityed for our corn chips equipment by our experts promise precise process control, resulting in stealt quality of product.

4)Finished product Capacity of corn chips equipment: 100 kg/h to 1500 kg/h

5)Technical parameter of corn chips equipment

parameter TSE-65 TSE-70 TSE-85 TSE-90
Installed Capacity(kw) 74 105 205 260
Real power(kw/h) 52 75 150 180
Output(kg/h) 100-150 200-260 300-500 600-800
Detailed s

How does corn chips equipment work?

1) At the beginning of the corn chips equipment. The dry ingredients (premix grains power, minerals and vitamins, salt, milk powder, emulsifiers, …) are fed, mixed and conveyed to the feeder of the food extruder.

2) The mixed ingredients is introduced into the twin-screw extruder: the corotating screws mix the pre-moistened powders with a make syrup, injected directly into the extrude.

3)Inside food extruder,the heat generated by viscous dissipation and the controlled shear generated by the screws geometry provide the required thermo-mechanical treatment to the preparation.An advanced cooling system of the extruder precisely adjusts the temperature in each barrel module.

4) The homogeneous, palt and cooked product is pushed throughout the die of the extruder which forms continuou expanded strands.

These are brief introduction to our corn chips equipment worLD,so if you are interested in our machinerys or still have any questions,pls feel free to contact with me by mail or whatapp(-15666776101) anytime.

Samples snacks produced by corn chips equipment

Company introduction

Leveraging our expertise in twin-screw and single-screw Technology, we provide integrated turnkey extruder production lines, dryers and ancilLD equipment to our customers.These reliable and innovative systems are mainly served for“Food & Feed“industry.

LD is constantly innovating through co-development partnership projects with its customers in every cooperation with our customers.The company, which has a strong quality cuLDure and a commitment to reLDonsible environmental action, is certified ISO 9001 and CE.

We provide services to all our markets by offering our advice and expertise: LDare parts and upgrading, equipment and ancilLD modules, automation systems, training, process support and remote and on-site maintenance. Technical support is provided by a team of specialists.

production processPack & veryOur service

-- Before sale service for our corn chips equipment

1.Provide the free consuLDation of the equipment.
2.Provide the standard device and the flow chart.
3. According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free desity helping to select the equipment.

--Services during the sales corn chips equipment
1.Help client desity the factory and offering professional advice, free engineering drawing for the factory layout
2.welcome to visit our factory or the domestic clients’ factory.
3.InLDect the machinery before leaving the factory.

--After sale services corn chips equipment
1. Oversea install and debug the equipment.
2. Train the first-line operator.
3. Provide the basic formula.
4. Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.
5. 1-2 engineers will be arranged for customer

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