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Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification CE,ISO9000
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Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine Can Achieve To Be Defrosted By Controlling The Temperature, Humidity And Working Time Of The Defrosting Room. When The Ambient Humidity Reaches About 80% To 95%, a Certain Humidity Increases The Temperature Conductive Medium. By Using a Certain Amount Of Cold Air Evaporation Of Frozen Meat Product Itself, Water Vapor Pressure Reducing With Atomization Naturally Reduce The Evaporation Temperature And Air Combination.Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine low Temperature And High Humidity Air Go Through The Cyclic Air Conveying Duct Of a Special Proof Variable Frequency Blower To Blow And To Formed a Uniform Airflow On The Surface Of The Product Being Thawed. Microwave Heating Thawing Machine by Plc Microcomputer Automatic Phase Controlling The Thawing Temperature, Humidity And Time Curve To Achieve To Defrost The Products.

Microwave Heating Thawing Machine mainly used for continuously unfreezing of frozen meat,fish, and frozen fruits and vegetables.
Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine Conservation of water resources, water can be used many times for defreezing a variety of products.
Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine doesn’t damage food,and meets National Food &Health Standard.
Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine saving labor,a worker can finish the production of 800kg each hour.
Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine made of stainless steel to meet the requirements of food hygiene.

Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD is a commitment to the sale of food/chemical products/pharmaceutical disinfection drying Industrial microwave equipment Microwave Heating Thawing Machine , international trading Company. Our machines Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine are high in automation, environmental protection and energy saving. Shandong Leader Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD has more than 200 national intellectual property rights patents, has a professional quality supervision team and a sound management system. Microwave Heating Thawing Machine is an emerging industry, many companies do not have quality standards, and we have developed a set of industry standards, and in the relevant regulatory bodies for the record. We have complete supporting facilities Microwave Lobster Heating Thawing Machine , including CNC, CNC bending machine, in line with GB5226 electrical safety standards.


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1.Provide production formula, installation, debugging, operator training services. Professional engineers provide machine installation, training, enterprise employees, solve problem, long time for machine maintenance.
2.Professional machine maintenance and services. The warranty time of machine and parts is 1 year. Long time maintenance service for spare parts, components.
3.Perfect product quality tracking system after sale, establish a complete product quality tracking report for every customer, professional analyze, timely feedback.
4.To design and supply non-standard products according to the customer request.
5.For the sake of the global customer, we provide equipment and technology, raw material, packing, etc. Comprehensive consulting service, let customer worry-free truly.

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